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ZOMBIE-CHANG – “Saredo Shiawase”


Eccentric Japanese synthpop artist ZOMBIE-CHANG (Meirin Yung) has perfected the wonky pop song.

ZOMBIE-CHANG – “Saredo Shiawase”

After stunning us last year with her idiosyncratic third album PETIT PETIT PETIT, Yung returns with her joyous follow-up, “Saredo Shiawase.” Along with it, she’s also included two tracks–“NEW ZOMBIE-CHANGE 2019,” a teaser for what’s to come this year and “I CAN’T GET TO SLEEP – band ver.,” a reimagining of one of her most popular singles. Though “NEW ZOMBIE-CHANGE 2019” could very well function as a standalone sample-heavy single, “Saredo Shiawase” is ultimately the star of the show.

Bookmarked by Yung’s energetic “hey hey hey hey”s and a siren-like synth, “Saredo Shiawase” (which roughly translates to “So Happy”) is reason enough to celebrate. In every single song that she makes (even the teasers!), Yung is able to capture an innate glee that emanates from each track. “Saredo Shiawase” is no different–you don’t have to be a Japanese speaker to understand that she’s psyched about her own work. From the song’s electronic dance melodies to Yung’s addictive syllabic chorus (“Sa-re-do Shi-a-wa-se,” she sings with conviction), there’s a lot to love and look forward to from ZOMBIE-CHANG.

Add to that the fun, cleanly shot music video for the song–which finds Yung frolicking around a pristine, geometric building–and you’ll be feeling a lot happier throughout your day.

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Li-Wei Chu

Li-Wei Chu is a recent graduate from UC Davis who majored in Cinema and Digital Media who also briefly studied film at Queen Mary, University of London. Li-Wei is obsessed with horror films (especially the ones that give him nightmares), films from East Asia, and really, any film that makes you stop and think. He loves talking about film and indie music with others. He’s also a record collector and cross-stitches when he has free time. In the future, he hopes to be able to write about film and wants to find a job in the film industry that can support his record buying habits. Maybe one day he’ll also be able to play the guitar.

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