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Yeo and Charlie Lim reunite for the slinking R&B hit “By Myself”


Yeo – “By Myself” ft. Charlie Lim. Artwork by SLACK.

Melbourne-based Malaysian-Australian producer Yeo has long been a frequent collaborator within the music scene. Take a look at his dozens of credits as a remixer, producer, or vocalist for indie artists throughout Australia—he’s worked with so many people that it’s hard to keep track of them all. That spirit of camaraderie even materialized in Yeo’s own sophomore album Desire Path, an album that pulled together a multitude of voices for an impressive R&B/pop project. But despite working with so many different people from different backgrounds, Yeo still tries to find room for self-improvement when it comes to dealing with others. That’s the idea behind “By Myself,” Yeo’s third single off of his forthcoming album Recovery Channel.

On the slinking R&B jam, there’s an outward appreciation for the people he’s worked with as well as some self-critical realization sprinkled into its heavy bass hits. Unlike the first two songs that Yeo has released so far for Recovery Channel (“The Comments,” “Restless”), “By Myself” emanates a calm, confessional energy that’s brought out by the song’s dark beats and undercurrents. “Can’t do this by myself / So I’m reaching out for help,” Yeo admits over and over again. It’s a slowed down, echoey and drawn out mantra—painting the song’s atmosphere as one that invites contemplation.

In a statement about the song, Yeo reveals that he’s “doing [his] best to stop judging people so quickly and show them empathy instead.” Helping him achieve that is Singaporean musician Charlie Lim (one of Yeo’s close friends and early collaborators), who contributes a verse to the song and adds his own backing vocals. When the two come together, they make quite the natural duo.

“By Myself” is a song that allows both artists to grow alongside each other as the two trade similar thoughts and harmonize with each other—turning whatever shortcomings they may have into a slick R&B hit.

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Photo by Christopher Yip.


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