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Yaeji answers Robyn’s call on her pounding remix for “Beach2k20”


Yaeji and Robyn in a video promoting the track.

The worst part of Robyn’s catchy “Beach2k20,” off of last year’s excellent Honey, was the fact that we couldn’t answer her.

“So you wanna go out?” the Swedish pop star asks over a bubbly, tropical beat. “How you gonna get there? Should we call someone?” The five and a half minute long song, which incorporates not much more than a few iPhone text message noises, a consistently pulsating beat, and soundbites of Robyn constantly inviting you out to a party, stood out for its ability to paint an elaborate scene despite its scattered narrative. But for anyone who likes “really good food” and partying with pop stars, being unable to answer Robyn’s call must’ve been a pretty agonizing experience. FOMO much?

Luckily for us, Yaeji (Kathy Lee) is here to accept Robyn’s invitations for us. On her official remix for “Beach2k20,” Lee invites us into an alternate reality where we’re finally able to go to Robyn’s beach party. “Hey Robyn!” Yaeji whispers at the beginning of the track. When Robyn asks, “How you gonna get there?”, she’s ready with an answer. “I think I’ll call a car…” Yaeji manages to say. From there, Yaeji finally joins Robyn, providing some background vocals to the mix. Together at last!

With how similarly the original track taps into Yaeji’s bubbly DJ toolset, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long for the two to work together. But on her remix, Yaeji flips the tropical beat of the original into something more spacious and pounding. Here, she relocates the party from the tropical beach to the stark, pulsing nightclub. “Beach2k20” turns into “Nightclub2k20”, and as usual Yaeji’s signature sound shines through (see: Yaeji’s remix of Charli XCX’s “Focus”) even over Robyn’s original, catchy melody. Yaeji’s fingerprints are all over the track, making it clear just who’s in charge. As the two exchange quips digitally, there’s a lot to admire from both the original and Yaeji’s added parts.

Robyn and Yaeji–it seems we’ll see the two of you out on the dancefloor.

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