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Who We’re Most Excited to See At SXSW 2019


Who are you going to see at SXSW 2019?

It can be a bit daunting to blindly sort through all of the music showcases that SXSW puts on, but lucky for you a lot of From the Intercom favorites are attending this year. Below we’ve compiled a list of all the artists that we’ve already covered on the site who you should DEFINITELY check out.

See you in the crowd!

We’ve also covered a small selection of musicians who we’ve already discovered pre-SXSW! Check out that list by clicking here.


#9, Best Albums of 2018

“Choose Go!” Music Video

SXSW Portal

Ginger Root

#17, Best Albums of 2018

“Ohio” Music Video

SXSW Portal

Gong Gong Gong 工工工

“Siren,” Best Singles of 2018

SXSW Portal

Haley Heynderickx

#1, Best Albums of 2018

“I Need to Start A Garden,” Best Singles of 2018

– Haley Heynderickx & Max García Conover, Among Horses III EP

SXSW Portal

I Mean Us

#11, Best Albums of 2018

SXSW Portal


“Rio,” Best Singles of 2018

SXSW Portal


“All of Our Friends Know” Track Feature

SXSW Portal


#4, Best Albums of 2018

SXSW Portal

Miya Folick

#15, Best Albums of 2018

Miya Folick – Premonitions Album Review

Miya Folick – “Thingamajig (Live)” Track Feature

SXSW Portal

Otoboke Beaver

“あなたわたし抱いたあとよめのめし,” Best Singles of 2018

SXSW Portal

San Mei

Heaven EP, Best EPs of 2018

SXSW Portal


“Not the Time,” Best Singles of 2018

“Free” Music Video

SXSW Portal

Say Sue Me

#3, Best Albums of 2018

“Just Joking Around,” Best Singles of 2018

“Just Joking Around,” Track Feature

“B Lover” Music Video

SXSW Portal

The Fur.

“Short Stay,” Best Singles of 2018

– Town EP, Albums/Songs from 2018 That You Shouldn’t Miss

– Town EP Review

SXSW Portal


“TAO,” Best Singles of 2018

SXSW Portal

Li-Wei Chu

Li-Wei Chu is a recent graduate from UC Davis who majored in Cinema and Digital Media who also briefly studied film at Queen Mary, University of London. Li-Wei is obsessed with horror films (especially the ones that give him nightmares), films from East Asia, and really, any film that makes you stop and think. He loves talking about film and indie music with others. He’s also a record collector and cross-stitches when he has free time. In the future, he hopes to be able to write about film and wants to find a job in the film industry that can support his record buying habits. Maybe one day he’ll also be able to play the guitar.

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