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Weekly Bullet Reviews

February 8, 2024 — Weekly Bullet Reviews


So much great music is coming out from artists who we love at a breakneck speed. And while I love the variety that that brings, it also means that the writers and I here at From the Intercom don’t have enough time to dedicate entire articles to every single song that comes out that week. 

To help remedy that, we’re introducing… our Weekly Bullet Reviews series! Every week, the writers and I will be selecting a few songs that we may have missed and reviewing them super quickly. When I say quickly, I mean quickly. The point of this is to allow us a chance to get a few words down on paper, while also acknowledging some great (or not so great?) songs that we didn’t have time to dedicate a full article to. You can also get a taste of the kinds of music that the writers and I gravitate towards. If you’re interested in pitching a title to us, check out this series to see what each of us like!

Special thanks to Justin Ricafort for contributing this week.

Some ground rules:

  • These songs are listed in no particular order.
  • Anything released from the past 3 weeks/month is eligible for a bullet review.

Without further ado, here’s our first round of first impressions:


Justin: perfect song to play while driving through a tunnel. Love the warping effect and sweet honeymoon feelings of this one. UMI is one of my favorite artists over the past couple years.

Li-Wei: UMI’s most danceable song yet? (I’m open to being proven wrong though, if anyone can choreograph a high energy dance for “Remember Me” let me know). Here’s an instantly repeatable little tune that really reminds me of the Tierra Whack method of taking nice beats and an addicting chorus and looping it until it makes a two minute-ish track. Good stuff that’s great for TikTok (check the accompanying music video for inspiration). If I were 10 years younger I’d be dancing to it right now!

Sheherazaad – “Dhund Lo Mujhe”

Justin: whoa the shift 26 seconds in. Sounds like I’m heading to a secret society meeting. Would love to hear this live. I hope it gets a music video. I volunteer as tribute if no one else makes one.

Li-Wei: It’s no wonder that Arooj Aftab is producing Sheherazaad’s upcoming album — I think that anyone who’s a fan of Vulture Prince will instantly be blown away by “Dhund Lo Mujhe.” It’s dynamic folk music that feels like it’s from another era. The instruments here really draw you in under its spell, creeping in and out alongside Sheherazaad’s gorgeous voice. Consider me charmed — I’ll be eagerly awaiting Qasr when it comes out on March 1.

8rae, Shir – “iamsick”

Justin: Record skipping sound is nice. Samples are fun. Good for the background. Needs a lil more zazz somewhere.

Li-Wei: The second I clicked on 8rae’s “iamsick,” I was immediately transported back to the version of the Internet I grew up with — 2000’s online hip-hop R&B that was prevalent all throughout YouTube and even LimeWire. The turntable hip-hop “run that shit motherfucker” feels like a drop-it-low “ayyyyyyy” party track for people of a certain age (myself)! brb, sending this to all my Maplestory friends.

Sinéad Harnett – “Say Something”

Justin: Prowling, dusky, and eclipse-like. Makes you feel cool listening to it.

Li-Wei: Harnett’s first track off of her upcoming album Boundaries is heartrendingly gorgeous — wistful yearning has never sounded so magical.

Ark Patrol, FiFi Zhang – “Tomorrow Can Wait”

Justin: Covers a lot of ground for an electronic dance track. Really well made and I wish this was longer. Extreme dopamine when FiFi says “baby.”

Li-Wei: Maybe it’s because of all the recent rain here in LA, but songs like this make me appreciate those hot summer nights when you’re driving down neon-lined streets with the windows down. Is it too early to start making my summer playlist?


Justin: Just a really solid, memorable piece of shoegaze jerky. Asphalt, gravel, smelly couch cushions. One of the best music videos this year so far. Didn’t realize Garfield was still this relevant.

Li-Wei: “JUST PASS ME THE BLUNT!!!” *killer guitar chords* “PASS IT THIS WAY!!!”

Whoever put together 88Rising’s 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE project knew exactly what demographic they’re targeting. The first album hella (˃̣̣̥╭╮˂̣̣̥) ✧ ♡ ‧º·˚:, which comes out tomorrow, is already out to fully stream on NBA 2K24. Yes, you read that correctly — NBA 2K24, the basketball video game. Watch the video for “rUN tHE FaDE” and you’ll see Tim Robinson, maybe the Internet’s favorite absurdist comedian, making a brief cameo. There you’ll also find references to Garfield, giant paper mache blunts and basketballers in metal facepaint dunking on innocent daikons (or is it a giant blunt? idk). If any of that sounds up your alley, “rUN tHE FaDE”‘s drug-fueled slacker/stoner rock feels like a wonderful trip to chill out to, and 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE is making a bid to become the Internet’s newest favorite group.

Peach Luffe – “Honeymoon”

Justin: Peach Luffe out here with the adorable dream kisses. A beautiful introduction to the song. Rife with infatuation and just in time for the Valentine’s Day playlist.

Li-Wei: If someone could sing to me the way Peach Luffe sings on “Honeymoon,” that would be great 🥺🥺🥺. Yet another great indie-pop track offering from the rising musician’s Nettwerk debut Honey EP.

Header photo taken from the EYEDRESS, 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE – “rUN tHE FaDE” music video.


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