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The Fur. – “Movie Star”


The Fur. – “Best Comedy”, artwork by Sherry Chen.

In the time that we last checked in with Kaohsiung indie pop band The Fur., a lot has changed. Nearly a year has passed since they first released their debut album Town, and in that time they’ve played at SXSW and numerous local Taiwanese festivals–building themselves a small fanbase around the world. However, within that time they’ve also encountered some problems: the biggest being the amicable departure of their synth player, Wen Wen. But even with this setback, the band is continuing to move forward, recently returning with “Movie Star” off of their first single as a trio, “Best Comedy”.

Unlike before, “Movie Star” embraces a lo-fi aesthetic that signals a change in the band’s sound thanks to band leader Zero’s imaginative arrangements. Even the camcorder-like music video, which was concurrently released with the song, reflects this new style. The synths here are scaled back, the guitars are more calm, and lead singer Savanna’s voice shines much more than before. Compared to everything else they’ve released, “Movie Star” seems less tightly wound and more relaxed–providing the perfect soundtrack for a lazy summer afternoon. But just like on their debut, Savanna’s lyrics are still englazed in that very same self-doubt. “Am I trying too hard / Or is it never good enough,” she wonders.

“Movie Star” is calming, delicate, and delightful: a surefire sign of greater things to come for the rising band.

“Movie Star” is taken from the single “Best Comedy”, which will be released on Airhead Records on August 25, 2019.

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