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Sylo Nozra indulges in addictive vices on “Ginny”/”Hulu”

Sylo Nozra – “Ginny”

For years now, Toronto-based R&B musician Sylo Nozra has been churning out sleek hits. Even all the way back on his debut 2015 EP, Late & Dawn, those traces of booming musicianship were there–noticeably lo-fi, yet carefully composed with a great ear for slow-burning melodies. Since then, Sylo Nozra has released a number of EPs and albums every year, all of which he collated together in last year’s compilation album, Sylo Songs. In keeping with his unspoken tradition of one-year-one-album, recently the artist has returned with a pair of singles “Ginny” and “Hulu,” set to be released on his upcoming album that will drop this summer.

Effortlessly smooth and throbbing with sleek sexiness, the first of the two singles is just as lustrous as its subject matter. In a press release statement, Sylo explains that the song is based on “the cycles of addiction–from substances to sex.” Anchored by Sylo’s deep singing voice and ebbing beats that drip with style, “Ginny” is a debaucherous R&B jam that tempts you to experience some of life’s greatest pleasures despite all of his warnings.

On the single’s B-side, “Hulu,” Sylo finds himself in a different state altogether–craving love instead of indulging in it. “Hulu” is a song that is ironically self-isolating. Perhaps serving as a comedic foil to the popular phrase “Netflix and chill,” “Hulu” is loveless, instead finding Sylo partaking in a loveless relationship while thinking about someone else. Low-key and wistful, “Hulu” reaches for a feeling that isn’t there.

Even though “Ginny” and “Hulu” are cut from the same cloth, the pair of songs prove that he’s not just the master of risque vibrancy, but lovelorn R&B as well.

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