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Sydney Kwan’s “Believin'” is proof that she’s destined for pop stardom


With the advancement and proliferation of music mixing software, making your own music has never been easier. Currently, bedroom pop, the genre of the burgeoning twenty-something musician, is glaring proof of that. Pop music–or music in general–is no longer solely dictated by radio DJs or record labels. Anyone can be a pop star. 

Sydney Kwan – “Believin'” single artwork.

That’s the kind of mindset you’ll have when you hear Vancouver-based singer Sydney Kwan’s glimmering, sparkly “Believin’.” A modern-day pop song with 80s pop sensibilities and production values (in the vein of Carly Rae Jepsen’s recent album), “Believin'” is a song that captures young love in that mushy, pink-tinted glow that would definitely play alongside Madonna and Cyndi Lauper back in the day. With cushy lyrics like, “Don’t give it away / Cause I can’t fight this feeling / And every day / Boy you keep me believin,” it’s easy to dance your troubles away while listening to Kwan’s glossy serenade. For an artist who’s already released two other great songs (“Bad!”, “Hear Me”), it’ll be interesting to see where her music goes from here.

There’s no telling if Kwan would have been a pop star back in the day. But as for right now? She’s well on her way.

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