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Solomon WOOK Embodies Walter White on “WISENBERG”


Solomon WOOK, also known as Wesley Jin, is a rapper with quite a few nicknames. Throughout his rap career, he’s garnered up Wook Sama, the BTS Reject, and most recently: Wisenberg, a portmanteau of WOOK with Heisenberg, the nickname of TV show Breaking Bad’s main character.

“WISENBERG” carries the atmosphere of a party scene (similar to past singles “Sip Sip” and “Blunts and Boba“) and delivers some witty lines over the simmer of a slyly ironic instrumental beat: “Got me back on the track while I got my bake on / Coughing up a lung gotta test this place for radon / Girls text my phone if they lonely like Akon.” His lines also include a touch of humor, which is great for keeping parties going: “I’m too cold like Pluto / But got fuego inside like Zuko / Moving my weight like sumo / Rail a line off a knife like Tuco.” WOOK keeps the fire on high throughout the track, spitting lines that will make you laugh as hard as you sweat.

“WISENBERG” is a party popper, a fun mix of laid-back chill with a touch of spicy aggression. Someone get the beat some help, because Solomon WOOK is breaking it bad.

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