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Shy Wave – “Two Glasses of Wine”


About a month ago, filmmaker-turned-musician Namq Kang made his debut as Shy Wave with “I Hate Kids”, a sample-infused hip-hop track that caught our attention. Recently he’s followed it up with “Two Glasses of Wine”, a one-off single for Valentine’s Day that doesn’t seem to be on his debut album, Mood Swings, out this summer.

Shy Wave – “Two Glasses of Wine” single artwork by Haejung Choi.

That’s a shame, because “Two Glasses of Wine” is a fervent track that captivates you with little more than scattered samples of a night out and a looping beat. While “I Hate Kids” (still love the name, by the way) leans more towards old-school hip-hop, “Two Glasses of Wine” is more abstract. Perhaps the best word to describe it is “sporadic”.

In just under two minutes, Kang throws in sounds of glass clinks, chopped up conversations, alien beeps, mellow bells, and a guitar riff here and there–taking you on a whirlwind of a journey. Even though the details are scant (we’ll never know what that sampled conversation was about), there’s a story here that is being told in between the lines.

“Two Glasses of Wine” is sonic impressionism at its best, and we’re eagerly waiting to see what’s next for the mood-shifting musician.

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