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Shalini Mohan – “Green”


Los Angeles based musician Shalini Mohan has an extensive discography, despite never having an official release. With a focus on atmospheric film scores, Mohan’s SoundCloud is filled with little tidbits of orchestral waves that sadly don’t get their time of day to shine… yet. With short compositions that range from noir-esque to frightening to tender, the songs on Mohan’s page are quite impressive and sets a certain mood quickly–a boon for any great film composer. The only problem? The lack of visuals to accompany her sweeping, and oftentimes haunting, melodies. It’s a shame that her work hasn’t appeared in any short films–her succinct tracks could easily bring any film to life.

However, on her latest track, “Green,” Mohan lets her work tell a different kind of story. Inspired by “green hills in South East Asia,” “Green” is a more tropical, light track that breezes in and fades out just as quickly as it begins. Featuring a wispy pan flute and a calming exotic drumbeat that moves the track along, “Green” washes over you with tranquil currents of calm. A quick listen to “Green” quells any worries that you may have, creating the perfect beach-like soundtrack for a peaceful Sunday afternoon. The moment is short-lived, however. The track barely runs two minutes long–too short to fully fall into a deep state of relaxation. But it’s enough: Mohan has succeeded in adding another interesting track to her ever-growing page.

After listening to Mohan’s track (and most of her discography), only one question remains. When are SoundCloud scores going to have their chance to shine?

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