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Say Sue Me – “Just Joking Around”


South-Korean indie surf-rockers Say Sue Me have lately been the ones to watch.

In the span of the single year since their creation, they’ve released two fantastic albums, two EPs, played the infamous SXSW, signed with two independent record labels, and toured extensively throughout Europe… and now they’ve recently shared “Just Joking Around,” a song recorded during their second album cycle. Though “Just Joking Around” ended up being left off of Where We Were Together (the album itself is named after a lyric in this song), it wouldn’t do the song justice to call it a B-side.

“Just Joking Around” acts as a condensed, collective thesis for Say Sue Me’s discography so far, breezily switching from hazy indie rock to classic hard rock and back again during its near 6-minute runtime–not to mention the natural inclusion of an electrifying guitar solo that tops off every great rock song. Elements of the sleepy mood they so often championed on songs like “After Falling Asleep” and “Here” are noticeably present,  while the song structure closely parallels their epic album closer “Coming To The End”.

If you’ve never heard of Say Sue Me before, “Just Joking Around” (and its B-Side, “B Lover” which actually made it onto the album) is a great place to start.

You can order the “Just Joking Around”/”B Lover” single from the band’s website on Bandcamp.

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