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Sabrina Song – “Okay, Okay”


When we last spoke with New York-based singer-songwriter Sabrina Song at SXSW, she had just released her underrated When It All Comes Crashing Down EP. Since then, she’s been hard at work releasing two new singles, “Linger” and “It Was Not A Beautiful Night,” and also… going viral on TikTok. Quite a few achievements, I must say!

Sabrina Song – You Could Stay In One Spot, And I’d Love You The Same, out June 7.

Today, she’s back with “Okay, Okay” and revealed the title and release date of her long-awaited debut LP, You Could Stay In One Spot, And I’d Love You The Same. Out June 7, the album “take[s] stock of her life as a twenty-something in New York City–reflecting on the love, loss, growth and gratitude–and what may come of it all.” But one listen to “Okay, Okay” and it’s clear that the songs on the album will go much deeper than that.

“Okay, Okay” is an indie pop track that dives headfirst into the anxieties of young love. Wonderful instrumental flourishes take a backseat to Sabrina Song’s visceral songwriting: “But I’ve got blood from my lip / In my mouth while you talk / About how you’re so terrified of losing,” she sings, before following it up a few lines later with the absolutely killer chorus: “You’re gonna drown me / Like it’s a predetermined fate / Fold in a good hand / When you could’ve won a game.” It’s no wonder why she’s gotten a Phoebe Bridgers co-sign — songs like “Okay, Okay” and “It Was Not A Beautiful Night” exemplify Song’s devastatingly crushing songwriting and explosive indie pop that puts into words absolutely massive feelings. And when that chorus in “Okay, Okay” comes back around the second time, it feels like a gut punch that will leave you reeling.

Here’s what Sabrina Song herself had to say about “Okay, Okay”:

“‘Okay, Okay’ started as a long list of rambles describing the same thing: How can you fully trust that the person you love feels the same, especially in the beginning? The anxiety of being in love can be so intense because you’re at your most vulnerable, and it’s very easy to self-sabotage out of fear or insecurity.” Hoping the feeling is mutual as she takes a leap into love, Song continues, “This is a song about reassurance: ‘If I could touch the sun / If I could take the pain / I’d do it all for you / Excess with no restraint.'”

Sabrina Song’s debut LP, You Could Stay In One Spot, And I’d Love You The Same will be out on June 7.

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Header photo by Livy Wicks.


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