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Review: Lexie Liu – 2030 EP


Widely making headlines as “China’s Rihanna”, 88Rising signee Lexie Liu has dropped her latest—and very first—EP, 2030


Lexie Liu – 2030 EP

Featuring both Chinese and English lyrics, her bilingual songs are not out of the ordinary for 88Rising, which has cultivated a reputation for an international approach to pop music. The songs on 2030 EP also showcase some styles that reoccur amongst 88Rising artists: mellow, urban, catchy, and almost psychedelic.

Although one of the singles on the EP, “Nada”, does exude some Rihanna-esque tendencies, Liu is more than just an artist sitting in the shadows of Western artists. Without a doubt, Liu is a powerful artist who radiates confidence and a unique fierceness. 2030 EP builds an impressive array of songs that seem to showcase different facets of her artistry. “Sleep Away” (one of our favorites from 2018) is a beautiful, dreamy song about love that is gracefully tied to an underlying contemporary R&B beat. “Hat Trick”a hauntingly slow dancehas the same smooth, slow ambience but is much darker than “Sleep Away”. Some of her other songs—“Love and Run” and “Strange Things”—have soundtracks with much stronger pop-undertones with quickened beats and vocals showcasing a higher range. Taken as a whole, 2030 EP is a strong showcase for what the 19 year-old artist can do.

Mastering everything from Chinese rap verses to sweet melodic tunes and quick tempo pop songs, Liu’s debut is destined to be an international hit.

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