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Priya Francis – “Tell Me”


Have you ever found yourself in a helpless situation? Maybe there’s something that’s happening beyond your scope of control, but you just can’t help getting caught up in its storm. Melbourne-based singer Priya Francis knows that feeling well. On her latest single, “Tell Me”, Francis takes control over her meandering thoughts, turning her quiet ruminations into a wistful R&B jam.

Priya Francis – “Tell Me” single artwork.

As it seems, Francis has a lot on her mind. Although it was written in a 15-minute session, “Tell Me” digs deep into her thoughts with self-aware lyrics like “Wasting my time / Wasting my energy / Trynna rewind / Trynna throw out that particular key”, and “Tell me how to shut this feeling down”. But even though Francis has pointed out the particular culprits for her sadness, there’s a feeling of melancholy that still lingers throughout the track. Despite knowing that she’s not in a great state of mind, overcoming those feelings are difficult. It’s one thing to acknowledge it–solving it is another.

As Francis tells us, “the inspiration was basically finding myself in a situation that I really didn’t want to be in, but more so finding myself caring and thinking about things that I didn’t want to think about or deal with at the time”. Though it won’t completely absolve her haunting feelings, “Tell Me” offers a respite–however brief–from that dripping sadness.

With little more than a backing guitar, Francis’s vocals are also rightfully given a chance to shine. Her soothing voice carries the track, aiding with the healing process–one verse at a time. Although she has little more than a debut EP to her name, Francis demonstrates that she has great potential as a singer, and more than enough potential to overcome these feelings.

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