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Priya Francis – “Same Wine”


When we first reviewed Melbourne-based R&B singer Priya Francis’s “Tell Me” back in February, we were amazed at her impressive singing range and brimming potential as an artist. “Tell Me”, which managed to summarize the artist’s meandering, reflective feelings, was a leap forward both musically and vocally from her first EP, Tribal. Lucky for us, Francis’s newest release “Same Wine” lives up to that high standard that she’s been promising.

On “Same Wine”, Francis goes back into that same introspective headspace that she entered on “Tell Me”–once again spotlighting her knack for dissecting hard-to-describe social situations. But this time around, she’s tackling a more universal experience–the reluctance for people to point the finger at themselves when things don’t go their way. “Blame somebody else / Tell me it’s fine / I see right through you / Cause we’re drinking the same wine,” she attests–presumably during the pockets of clarity that comes after your third or fourth glass of wine.

By channeling the singing styles of H.E.R., Kehlani, and Alessia Cara on “Same Wine”, Francis shows off her robust vocal abilities and her keen observational skills. Throw her a more dynamic beat, and Francis could easily reach the levels of the artists that she looks up to. But here on this slowed down track, the lyrics are put more into focus. As she puts it herself in a press release, “Same Wine” is a “song that demands a no-nonsense response”.

“Same Wine” is therapeutic for Francis and those hypocritical people around her–calling out these social inconsistencies in perhaps the sweetest way she can.

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