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Priya Francis says farewell to a dying relationship on “Jeans”

priya francis jeans
Priya Francis – “Jeans”

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Priya Francis is an observant writer. On her previous songs, she’s quick to point out her own flaws, but she just as easily lays bare those of the people around her. She has the exceptional talent of putting into words a lot of difficult feelings that many find hard to articulate (see “Same Wine,” or “Tell Me”). “Jeans,” the latest R&B, guitar-driven track from the singer, is no different. 

Driven by warm guitar strings and a sparse beat, “Jeans” is a goodbye to a relationship that has run far past its due date. “Maybe we just reached the limit / And grown out of these jeans,” she wonders. Francis rips the bandage off quickly, but she’s also quick to soften the impact with her careful choice in words. Facts, rather than emotion, signal the end of this relationship. Even then, there doesn’t seem to be malice laced in her lyrics. “Can’t find it in myself to get mad at you / Do you? / Take this as a maybe I will see you sometime,” she sings.

Along with Francis’s ever-flexible voice, “Jeans” is the rare breakup song that sounds rational instead of vindictive. 

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Header photo by Tessa Aldridge.


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