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Peach Luffe rejects the ideal of happiness in “Fairytale”

Peach Luffe – “Fairytale”

Peach Luffe, the Toronto-based project of singer-songwriter Jong Lee, is back. After releasing the head-bobbing, wandering “On My Side” early last year, the musician has since continued to put out moody indie pop songs in follow-up singles “Paralyzed” and “Wave.” Together with his bandmates Sean Yerzy, Jonathan Friedman, and Michael Friedman, Lee and his band aren’t afraid to address the neuroticism in anxious feelings.

That trend continues with “Fairytale,” another jangly single that addresses the singer’s own apprehension in feeling happy. “Fairytales and sunshine / Moonlight and paradise / And I’m terrified by that / Can’t you see,” Lee wonders. Instead of hoping for such fantasy worlds as others would, Lee feels put off by such ideals. How do you return to normal life after experiencing the best?

In a statement, he explains that “Fairytale” is a song that represents the type of person that he is. “The verse represents a relationship that’s perfectly happy but from my perspective, it’s failing,” he explains. “I’m just creating problems in the relationship that doesn’t even exist because I don’t allow myself to be happy.” Yet sonically, “Fairytale” is charming and bright. Outwardly deceiving but full of misgivings, “Fairytale” may not describe Lee’s idea of a fairytale, but gives off the illusion of one. 

“Fairytale” is going to be released on Peach Luffe’s upcoming Shimmer EP which will be out later this year. 

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