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Peach Luffe offers an escape to cloud nine on “Daydream”

peach luffe daydream
Peach Luffe – “Daydream”

Per his Spotify artist bio and our interview with him back in 2019, Jong Lee adopted the stage name Peach Luffe because he “likes peaches” and “admires the free and happy-go-lucky Luffy from One Piece.” The latter description could also be applied to the bright melodies of the Toronto singer-songwriter’s music, though as we’ve covered, Lee often explores more complex themes of worry and anxiety in his lyrics. On latest single “Daydream,” Lee lets his troubles melt away this time to paint a carefree portrait of imaginary escape, bolstered as always by his skillful songwriting and production.

“Daydream” opens with a few relaxed strums of guitar before Lee sings “Living on a castle by the beach / Drinking sunlight and peace,” setting the perfect stage for his explorations of “floating on cloud nine.” As the song progresses, instrumental flourishes appear and add to its twinkling landscape, as well as breathy backing vocals in the chorus that bring to mind sighs of blissful relief. Lee, who also produces and mixes music under the moniker Melon Wave Sound, synthesizes these elements into a layered and satisfying listening experience. The airiness of “Daydream” is further grounded by the clarity of the guitar and vocals that are present from the song’s beginning, carrying you through with their strong melodies. When you’re beset by the stresses of everyday life, how could you refuse such an appealing offer to float away from it all?

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