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NTsKi – “1992”


Kyoto-based synthpop artist NTsKi is still a fresh face in the independent music scene, but “1992” is likely going to change that.


Official single artwork for NTsKi – “1992”

“1992”, NTsKi’s newest single, is a synth-heavy 90s-era throwback much like the title implies. While her sound heavily borrows from 70s new-wave synthpop (DEVO and Japan’s own YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA are notable influences), there’s a decidedly 90s aesthetic here that’s characterized by a sparse, gauzy R&B beat and NTsKi’s inviting, bilingual vocals. It’s this easy incorporation of different styles that makes NTsKi such a versatile artist–her past singles like the mood-shifting “H S K”, the hip-hop heavy “Fig”, and electronic reggae head-bobber “Labyrinth of Summer” prove that NTsKi can mix her synths with just about everything.

In the charming music video for “1992”, NTsKi conjures up a cosmopolitan look suitable for the era that it is trying to emulate. Under the theme of “time trip”, NTsKi nails the look through the unique costumes and set design of the video. Here she channels her inner 90’s pop diva, sporting a stylish orange hat and pink glove that only she can pull off. “1992” is a hypnotic and dreamy new direction for NTsKi–one that suits her well.

“1992” and its B-side “1992 (Foodman Remix) is released on NTsKi’s own label, AMINO ACID. You can purchase “1992” on vinyl via Bandcamp.

Artist pages: Bandcamp | Spotify


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