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NIKI delivers new single “Too Much Of a Good Thing” along with album announcement, ‘Buzz’


NIKI just dropped girlies. PAY ATTENTION! In a double announcement for her upcoming third album, Buzz, out August 9th, NIKI whets our appetites with the single “Too Much Of a Good Thing” and its accompanying music video.

NIKI – “Too Much Of A Good Thing” single artwork.

NIKI’s take on Steely Dan with angular bass and hula hooping vocals offers a stylistic and generational departure from her R&B-pop standards. I’m always here for artists with an established sound taking a left-turn into Weirdville, and it looks like NIKI has the chutzpah to sonically explore new roads on this track.

NIKI writes from a seductive yet “doomed from the start” perspective, with a constant refrain tempting precarious love that “won’t be a sure thing / But…. sure is a good thing.” With lines like “You show off your true nature on your earlobe / Serpentine, you’re a walking, breathing trope in a fun way,” NIKI sees all the signs of failure, but the fling is the point. In a nutshell, she’s in for a good time, not a long time.

In the Alexandra Thurmond-directed music video, we see NIKI donning rock-ish garb, slicked back hair, leopard print coat, and knee-high boots swaggering down the New York City sidewalks like she owns it. NIKI has always pursued cinematic supporting material for her music, and it looks like she is prepared to flair it up with aesthetics of the 1970s and 80s New York punk rock scene a la The Ramones and Blondie.

NIKI. Photo courtesy of NIKI/88Rising.

With a title like “Too Much Of A Good Thing” coupled with related poetic reflections of “the most on-the-go last few years of [her] life” on Instagram, I anticipate an album brimming with indulgence and reckoning with artistic expectations, self-prescribed and otherwise. In the description of the post, along with New York, NIKI also mentions unforgettable moments in Maryland, Labuan Bajo, Mexico City, and London– leading me to speculate that these locations may present themselves in the music and music videos to come.

NIKI’s third studio album Buzz will be released on August 9th under 88Rising and has since announced a world tour in support of the album. You can pre-save and pre-order the album here. You can check the world tour dates here.

NIKI world tour dates 2024-25

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Header photo is the album artwork for NIKI’s Buzz.


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