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Nadia Nair – “See Things (ft. Mwuana)”


Earlier this year in an interview with Rolling Stone India, Gothenberg-raised Indo-Swedish musician Nadia Nair admitted that she was tired after a long year of touring. “Right now I just want to be [an] introvert in the studio for a bit,” she admits. So it’s only fitting that the R&B tinged “See Things,” Nair’s follow-up single to her haunting “Sway,” recaptures that introverted energy that Nair is so well known for.

Nadia Nair and Mwuana.

At once sleek, dark, and unflinchingly perceptive, “See Things” is a low-key breakup anthem that hints at–instead of directly calling out–the end of a broken relationship. “I cannot replace ya / Staring at me like I don’t know ya / You’re way too gone anyway / Throwin shade,” Nair sings amidst tightly bundled R&B beats. Surprisingly, even though Nair’s lyrics points out the drama between her and an unfaithful lover, there’s no call to action besides minor threats (“I need to fade ya”). “See Things” is therefore largely a self-reflection of the events going on in Nair’s head–a vocalized validation of the things that are happening around her. Despite its chill vibe, hints of a seething anger are apparent through Nair’s gorgeously layered vocals, signifying her growing distrust that eventually bubbles over to a tipping point.

Joining Nair on the track is also Swedish emcee Mwuana, a wonderfully paired vocal foil to Nair’s melancholic singing style. Mwuana’s rap verse takes the song and breaks it out of Nair’s head, offering a counter-perspective to the quickly deteriorating situation. Over liberating, muted R&B explosions, Mwuana and Nair make an impeccable duo, taking the song and elevating it to new heights. When the chorus finally returns with both singers in tow, the result is cathartic.

“See Things” is perhaps one of Nair’s most successful venture into pop airplay yet–in Sweden and everywhere else.

Update–the music video for “See Things” is also out now:

Nadia Nair pages: Facebook | Spotify | SoundCloud

Mwuana pages: Facebook | Spotify

Photos by Natalie Lennartsson


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  1. erik June 30, 2019

    Love that song!


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