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MV: Yaeji – “One More”


Back in September, DJ/producer Yaeji released the seething “One More”, a slow-burning sparse dance track that reminded us why 2017’s EP2 was such a success. Although there’s still no news of a new EP or (hopefully) debut album yet, Yaeji’s back today with a visual for “One More”.

Set in a grimy, shadowy, neon fluorescent apartment, the video for “One More” features… well, Yaeji. Lots of Yaejis, to be exact. In a continuous horizontal pan around the room, Yaeji and her clones are singing, DJing, cooking, and even using the toilet–basically going about their usual day. All of a sudden, all of the Yaeji clones spontaneously explode, and the video transitions into a house party filled with people dancing and vibing to Yaeji’s music–unaware that Yaeji clones had just exploded there a few seconds prior.

Mixed with liquid special effects that look like they were taken straight from those 90s Capri-Sun commercials, or even Terminator (T-1000), “One More” is delightfully strange, and just the right amount of cheesy.


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