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MV Throwback

MV Throwback: Raveena – “Honey”


Inspired by 70s and 90s era R&B, soul singer Raveena (Raveena Aurora) is an expert at crafting sensual pop songs. With already one project to her name (last year’s dreamy Shanti EP), the New York based Indian-American artist already seems to be on track to releasing more similarly calming music if her recent releases are of any indication. Her latest, “Honey”, is another luscious R&B hit–slow, sweet, and soothing just like the titular substance it’s named after.

However, the music video for “Honey”, which is decorated in yellows and reminiscent of the glamorous 70s era, is quite another achievement in itself. Especially in the soul/R&B genre, Indian-American artists are largely underrepresented (aside from maybe Norah Jones), and Raveena seems to use her position as a singer to make parts of her culture more visible. Never does she shy away from wearing traditional Indian jewelry like tikkas and decorative nose rings in her videos, and the intimate close-ups on herself and her henna tattoos are indicators that she knows exactly what she’s doing.

But it’s not like Raveena to keep the spotlight all to herself–the video also features other ethnic minorities who rarely get their moment in music videos nowadays, both male and female. Just like she did in her video for “Sweet Time”, Raveena uses her videos to visualise a world where people from every background equally is represented and loved.

Check out the video for “Honey” below:

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