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MV: Sobs – “Astronomy”


Singaporean bedroom pop-turned-indie rock trio Sobs is currently wrapping up a Japan tour right now for their stellar sophomore album Telltale Signs (coincidentally, one of the Best Albums of 2018). But apparently the trio have been in Japan for longer than we had originally thought; at the end of December, they premiered a wistful new video shot in Japan for their song “Astronomy” on the YouTube label 777tv.

Directed by the mysterious Pennacky, “Astronomy” is a grainy filmic journey that breathes life into lead singer Celine Autumn’s introspective lyrics. Although astronomy is only very briefly referred to in the song (“I think astronomy / Clouds in the galaxy / Closing in on me, and it’s spiralling”), it makes for the central visual theme–images of vintage-looking galaxies, wide open skies, and telescopes pepper the blue tinted landscapes of Pennacky’s video. The protagonist, Autumn herself, spends the runtime of the song researching how to best send a love letter to the stars in hopes of reaching extraterrestrial life.

Shot on film (rather than digital), “Astronomy” is a visual as well as a sonic delight. A now pink-haired Autumn cleverly contrasts the colors of background well, making her seem lonelier and more distinct by comparison (bandmates Jared Lim and Raphael Ong are noticeably absent from the video). However, although the film is drenched in melancholic blues, there seems to be hope that Autumn will one day get her message across, no matter what it takes.

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