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MV: Say Sue Me – “B Lover”


South-Korean indie rockers Say Sue Me are back again today with a video for their song “B Lover”, one of the songs off of their sophomore album Where We Were Together and the B-side for their fantastic single “Just Joking Around” that they released one month ago. Not surprising, considering the name of the song!

Directed by sugarsaltpepper, a South-Korean based production company, the video for “B Lover” is a ridiculously fun tribute to early East Asian B-movies–with cheesy effects, dramatic zoom-ins, and footage of crashing waves galore. And of course, don’t forget the random explosions that happen for no particular reason at all!

For those action lovers out there, there’s even a choreographed fight scene between frontwoman Sumi Choi and bassist Jaeyoung Ha during the killer guitar solo in the middle of the song. Who wins? Watch it and find out!

Catch Say Sue Me on their European Tour in two weeks.

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