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MV: Rich Brian / 88Rising – “History”


“Nostalgia is bullshit”. At least, that’s one of the ideas behind “History”, one of the highlights from 88Rising’s collaborative showcase album Head in the Clouds, released earlier this year. Featuring Indonesian rapper Rich Brian (Brian Immanuel) of viral “Dat $tick” fame, “History” returns him to the public eye in the form of a well-executed, high-production music video that dropped this week.

As one of the more interesting songs off of Head in the Clouds (and arguably more fun than anything that was on Immanuel’s debut album Amen, also released this year), “History” coincidentally also makes the best soundtrack to gratuitous slow-motion shots, early Apple-commercial shadow dancing, and classy house parties–all featured in the video. Rapping over a tropical, laid-back interpolation of a melody that he recreated from a Youtube video of a “dude reviewing an airsoft gun” (it goes to show that inspiration can come from the strangest of places), Immanuel is more confident than ever finding his foothold in the rap world, and “History” is proof enough that he’s here to stay.

In the video, he even gets champagne thrown in his face and slapped as he tries to win back one of his exes, but he doesn’t seem too torn up by it. After all, he’s “moved on to newer things”, and he’s got a bright future ahead of him. Who needs nostalgia when you’re living in the moment?

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Li-Wei Chu

Li-Wei Chu is a recent graduate from UC Davis who majored in Cinema and Digital Media who also briefly studied film at Queen Mary, University of London. Li-Wei is obsessed with horror films (especially the ones that give him nightmares), films from East Asia, and really, any film that makes you stop and think. He loves talking about film and indie music with others. He’s also a record collector and cross-stitches when he has free time. In the future, he hopes to be able to write about film and wants to find a job in the film industry that can support his record buying habits. Maybe one day he’ll also be able to play the guitar.

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