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MV: pictoria vark takes up skateboarding in her breezy video for “Radio Silence”

pictoria vark – self-titled EP

pictoria vark, the spoonerism alias for New Jersey/Iowan musician Victoria Park, has already accomplished so much within the independent music scene despite only having one release to her name. A talented bass-player and an extensive tour partner (she’s helped open for bands like Big Thief, Julien Baker, and Haley Heynderickx as a bassist for Squirrel Flower), Park is currently making her own self-helmed project work after releasing her debut EP self-titled last year. She’s not doing too badly for herself–Park is currently touring France based off of the sole power of her debut. Finding a healthy mix of stream-of-consciousness lyricism, “sad-girl” angst, and a hardy DIY aesthetic, the music of pictoria vark hones in on a winning musical formula that already shows great promise. 

Recently, Park has released a video for “Radio Silence,” the scrappy lead single off of Self-Titled. Directed by Lucy Rinzler-Day, the visual accompaniment finds the singer teaching herself how to skateboard on a never-ending river towpath. There are no Tony Hawk-like tricks here–Park is no professional skater but she has fun doing it. Rinzler-Day’s video emits a charming breeziness as well, bringing a sweet and liberating tone to match the light-hearted, DIY feel of the song. 

Although Park is only at the beginning of her musical journey, she’s skating towards something great.

Artist pages: Bandcamp | Facebook | Spotify | Twitter

Featured photo by Nicole Rosengurt.


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