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MV: No Rome – “Narcissist (ft. The 1975)”


Blue heads are the first thing you notice when you watch No Rome and The 1975’s music video for “Narcissist”. The video starts out with futuristic tones and then explodes into bright color as No Rome (Rome Gomez) and Matty Healy of The 1975 appear–looking almost identical in their bright-blue, decked out hairstyles. Flashy cars, Dalmatians, a large throne chair, vibrant colors, and 80s-inspired dance music all match the underlying message of the song, which recaps a breakup in which a girl called Gomez a narcissist. As a cheeky response, the video largely exaggerates what a narcissist would actually be like.

Perhaps the best parts of the video include the synchronized dancing–The 1975 are never that flamboyant in their own videos. Yet the amusing dances performed in-sync match the exaggerated aesthetic theme, which almost resembles those of K-pop music videos. While the video does feature other 1975 members like George Daniels blowing smoke, the main focus is on Healy and Gomez’s bromance. The video clearly outlines the close bro-bond of the two as they embrace and hug each other all throughout the video.

Healy’s big brother attitude towards Gomez comes in part because he discovered No Rome while surfing the Internet on Soundcloud. As one of the main bands on the Dirty Hits record label, Healy flew the Manila-based musician out to London to work together. RIP Indo Hisashi EP, which was released earlier this year, is the first result of their collaboration. Currently, Gomez lives with Healy in London–so expect more music from the two of them in the future!

No Rome will be going on tour with The 1975 as the band releases their third full length album at the end of November.

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