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mui zyu casts a different kind of spell on the echoey ‘a wonderful thing vomits, remixes EP’

mui zyu – a wonderful thing vomits, remixes EP

Earlier this year, London-based musician mui zyu (Eva Liu) released her debut EP, a wonderful thing vomits a collection of self-mixed songs that writhe around and nestle in the darkest corners of your mind. 

Today, she’s back with a reimagining of those songs, assisted by the help of some talented producers, including Fake Laugh, Tarquin, Hinako Omori, The Analog Girl, and Lucy Liyou

While the original songs on a wonderful thing vomits EP already emit a spooky vibe, Liu’s choice of collaborators take her original songs into an shadowier realm. Here, the songs are further drawn out and spatially atmospheric, creating a beautiful tapestry of noise that are equal parts unnerving and sparkling.

a wonderful thing vomits, remixes EP, is out now via Father/Daughter records. Check it out below.

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