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Melt away with Morning Shift’s delightfully jangly “Ice Cream”

Morning Shift – “Ice Cream” artwork.

Ah, ice cream. Who doesn’t love the delicious frozen treat? Not surprisingly, ice cream has been the topic of many a hit song due to its universal popularity. Luckily, Melbourne-based indie rock/pop newcomer Morning Shift (Jeremy Leopando) is here to carry on the tradition of creating niche, strangely specific love songs for this decadent dessert.

Coasting along thanks to some wavy guitars and relaxed lo-fi production, “Ice Cream” invites in cozy joy throughout its course. Hitting similar dopamine sweet spots that only “triple choc” ice cream could satisfy, “Ice Cream” is creamy, chilly goodness carried on by Leopando’s silly, dedicated lyrics and laidback attitude. “Wish I had ice cream in front of me,” he sings, before following it with “I’d devour it like Cookie Monster eats a cookie.” Now that’s love! Even more fun is when Leopando switches it up towards the end of the song, leading to a beat breakdown and some playful new ways to sing the words “ice cream.” (Or as his Bandcamp page puts it, “Ice cream (x100000)”).

As Leopando leaves us with his strikingly Shakespearean final words: “Ice cream, ice cream / Where art thou? / Why can’t you be beside me?,” one can only hope that Leopando’s wishes can be fulfilled very soon. 

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