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Monsune taps into retro nostalgia on his newest, grooviest single “Outta My Mind”



It’s been nearly two years since Toronto-based singer/producer/director Monsune (Scott Zhang) first released his debut single “Nothing In Return.” An R&B-inflicted song filled with qualms about unexpressed love and nerves layered atop soaring harps and trumpets, “Nothing in Return” quickly drew attention from various media outlets for its clearly unique vision. That’s not to mention its eye-catching video, which has to remain one of the more dizzying music videos out there. Now, he’s returned with a new song “Outta My Mind” and another self-directed video to accompany it.

Though “Outta My Mind” comes years after the multi-instrumental sampling “Nothing in Return,” it’s a song that borrows from a completely different retro era. “Outta My Mind” is a bolder, sexier, groove-layered beast. Grounded by its psychedelic guitar riffs and samples of Gambino-like mannerisms, it’s Gambino meets Tame Impala in the best possible way. Zhang’s hushed but forced whispers complement the musical flourishes of the track, which culminates in a cathartic wail. Zhang dials everything up to a ten, drawing you into his starry, rose tinted universe.

That’s not to mention the song’s video, which takes place in a vibrantly red Chinese restaurant. Recalling a similar restaurant-featured long take from Goodfellas, the video follows a waitress as she’s forced to deal with an antagonistic customer during her shift. Although the video ends with a fistfight, “Outta My Mind” is intimately lush, bringing a certain romance to the scene despite the turmoil within.

Moody and stylish–it’s just what we have come to expect from the visionary artist.

Zhang’s debut EP, Tradition, is out later this year.

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Co-written by Derrek Chow.


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