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Mitski – “Two Slow Dancers”


As any fan of hers might tell you, Mitski really knows how to close out an album.

Today she’s shared “Two Slow Dancers”, the last song from her newest album Be The Cowboy, and it’s just the devastatingly bittersweet denouement that you might have expected. Unlike her other more abstract singles “Geyser” and “Nobody,” Mitski sings about a moment of reconnection between two old lovers in a school gymnasium–reliving the past even though the two of them have since grown apart. Although “Two Slow Dancers” sets the stage for a happy Hollywood ending in its first verse, there’s an underlying sadness despite appearances–in classic Mitski fashion.

“It would be a hundred times easier / If we were young again / To think that we could stay the same,” Mitski laments. “But we’re two slow dancers, last ones out.”

Be the Cowboy is out August 17.



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