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Miki Wong – “Looking For the Good”


Musical newcomer Miki Wong is an optimist. She’s had to be, ever since she discovered that her dream was making music only just a few years ago.

Originally pursuing traditionally safe fields in the realm of STEM or business, Wong discovered her true passion as an artist after attending a KPOP concert–causing her to completely switch gears and dedicate herself to the arts. For the last two years, the LA-via-Detroit singer has been relentlessly pursuing her goal of becoming a musician by taking dance classes, musical business seminars, and doing behind-the-scenes concert work all in the hopes of making it big in the industry. All that time, she’s never given up hope that she’d one day reach her dream. Today, all that hard work culminates in the release of her debut single “Looking for the Good,” released on her self-started label Panopoly Records. Wong is finally ready to step into the spotlight.

“Looking For the Good” is exactly the kind of optimistic pop that the title suggests it is. Despite its rocky start where she describes some very unfortunate biographical situations (towed cars, overdrafted accounts, and literal cat-fighting are just a few that are name-dropped in the opening lines), Wong soon finds her groove on the song’s irresistible chorus. “Looking for the good / In everything / Nothing’s bringing me down / (It won’t bring me down!)”, she sings, presumably with a smile on her face.

“Looking For the Good” is delightfully uplifting, with a hypnotically tasty hook that’ll somehow find its way to you when times get tough. Drawing influence from early 2000s pop songs, Wong’s debut is a happy-go-lucky sitcom theme song for the bad times in your life.

In a press statement released with the song, Wong hopes that this song will “lift the spirits of my listeners on the days when they feel like they wanna give up.” “I want it to remind them to not give up and to stay positive even in the worst situations,” she continues.

Though “Looking For the Good” is just a one-off release for now, there’s a bright future ahead for Wong–if this song is any indication.


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