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Mark Redito and Reese Lansangan spark a midnight romance on “So in luv with u”

so in luv with u mark redito reese lansangan
Mark Redito – “So in luv with u” (ft. Reese Lansangan)

Fresh off of releasing last year’s exceptional album Neutropical (and the speedy followup remix version), Los Angeles-based producer Mark Redito is back at it again with his newest single, “So in luv with u.” 

In traditional Redito fare, “So in luv with u” is an expertly manicured electronic track that makes minimalist beats and mysteriously prickly microphone movements shine. Redito himself sings the chorus in a soft, near-whisper, creating that sense of intimacy that is usually far removed from the bombastic Internet-sleek style that he usually goes for. “So in love with you / I don’t know what to do / If what you say is true / My heart beats only for you,” he secretly confides. 

Joining Redito on the track is Filipino musician Reese Lansangan, who adds a late-night dialogue that contrasts heavily Redito’s own singing. Instead of confessing in secret whispers, Lansangan’s own verses are bolder… and tells it as it is. “Oh darling, can’t you tell / That this is all going right / If you don’t make a move in 20 seconds / I just might…,” Lansangan hints. There’s an interesting contrast between the two personalities that Redito presents within the song, creating a divergent mix that truly comes alive when the two voices finally come together in the final chorus.

“So in luv with u” is a creeping jam that works best in the context of late-night computer screen glows and faint flustered feelings–hinting at the beginning of an insomniac romance.

Natural Habitat, the upcoming album from Mark Redito, will be released on November 13, 2020 via Zoom Lens. Pre-order the album here.

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