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Mara Measor persists on “Loved and Lost”

mara measor loved and lost
Mara Measor – “Loved and Lost”

A lot can change in six years. Perhaps no one knows that feeling better than New York/Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter Mara Measor.

In the time since Measor released her second feature-length album and accompanying book, Naked Prayers, back in 2015, she’s been through a series of tribulations. She reveals that much in a series of blog posts that details her personal journey, recounting deeply moving sources of love and loss that have shaped her growth and artistry during that time. Those blog posts mirror her own music–recalling upon these moments to bolster the emotional core of each song she writes. All of this will culminate into her third studio album, Don’t Tell My Child, which will be out sometime in 2021. Already she’s released “Dream Again,” the fragile and pining lead single of the album.

On “Loved and Lost,” her second single off the album, Measor draws an even more direct line to those heavy emotions that have shaped her latest project. Carried by Measor’s crystalline vocals that soar and flutter, “Loved and Lost” allows the musician to dig deep into philosophical territory–even amongst a light and airy ditty. “Do I have regrets? / Have I loved and lost enough / To know that’s better than never to have loved at all,” Measor contemplates. Gentle and moving, “Loved and Lost” channels grief in a beautiful way.

Although Measor never attempts to provide a direct answer to the question that she poses within the song, she strongly hints at one. It’s probably best to read about her thoughts on the subject in her own words.

Mara Measor’s third album, Don’t Tell My Child, will be released in 2021.

Press photos by J. R Lees.

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