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Lvyan’s “Take Me Away” is a smoldering summer jam

Lvyan – “Take Me Away”

What first comes to mind when you think about the Chinese music industry? For most, it would probably be the idea of excess: mass-produced idol culture, singing competitions, and polished Mandopop. So for those of us who only get a surface look at the country’s musical output as a whole, music from independent artists easily slips under the radar. Perhaps that’s what makes Lvyan’s debut single “Take Me Away” all the more astonishing.

On his debut single “Take Me Away,” Shanghai-based musical newcomer Lvyan takes on a transcontinental sound, mixing Asian musical elements with electronic production inspired by Western pop trends. A self-taught producer and composer, the 18-year old musician’s first venture is heavily inspired by the likes of Tom Misch, HONNE, and FKJ. It’s impressive how easily he is able to capture the nuances of that big jazz-pop sound that he so admires. As Lvyan sings the booming chorus over his spunky beat, “Take Me Away” seems destined to become bigger than it already is–capturing the breezy feeling of summer in between the lines.

But more than anything, “Take Me Away” is a delightful instrumental showcase that showcases Lvyan’s talents for pulling disparate musical elements together. Unlike other artists, Lvyan fully capitalizes on instruments that are (regrettably) underrated in the pop industry. Anchored by an irresistible saxophone motif, steadfast piano melodies, and even rustling notes from a Chinese zither, “Take Me Away” is truly the musical treat that keeps on giving.

Lvyan’s first single “Feelin’ It”/”Take Me Away” is out now via Viberland.

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