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Long Beard – “Sweetheart”


Long Beard – Means to Me

It’s been four long years since we’ve last heard from New Jersey-based indie pop artist Long Beard (Leslie Bear). Although she hasn’t released much new music since her underrated debut album Sleepwalker, Bear has been quietly touring with members of the now infamous Japanese Breakfast–occasionally playing bass for Zauner’s band and opening for them on their never-ending tour. But all of that touring wasn’t for naught. It seems that these are the experiences that have seriously informed Bear’s long-awaited return, “Sweetheart”.

Self-produced with some help from Japanese Breakfast’s Craig Hendrix, “Sweetheart” and its forthcoming LP Means to Me is ripe with hints of the soft indie pop lushness that similarly defined Japanese Breakfast’s Soft Sounds from Another Planet. Bear herself emerges from behind the haze of fuzzed out guitars, rather than blending into the background as she did on her previous work. As she sings about a long forgotten love, there’s a crushing nostalgia that emanates through, recalling 90s shoegaze and wistful, pink-tinted teenage love that only “Sweetheart” can provide. It’s a lovely, simple song, but it’s filled with reminiscence.

Four years may have gone by, but Bear is more than ready to reclaim that spotlight.

Means to Me will be released on September 13, 2019 via Double Double Whammy Records.

Cover photo by Nathan Bajar.

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