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2019 SXSW Music

Linying – “All of Our Friends Know”


Listening to Singaporean singer-songwriter Linying’s latest single “All of Our Friends Know,” one can’t help but feel enveloped in a pastel-tinted dream.

Rising to fame following the glowing reception of her debut Paris 12 EP in 2016, Linying continues to enthrall fans with her knack for releasing promising viral hits. Although there is a departure from the indie-centric vibe of Paris 12, Linying thrives on this track’s musical exploration. Coasting on contemporary R&B beats infused with chillwave elements, “All of Our Friends Know” is a shy heartfelt love confession that highlights her artistry as a lyricist (“I won’t be saying the word / I want to hear it from you first / Wear it out of you like I do my best blue jacket”).

Characteristic of all of her previous projects, Linying’s sweetly crystalline vocals are once again on full display. The song bares raw emotion–delivered in a manner that is both innocent, yet sensual. “All of Our Friends Know” encapsulates those vulnerabilities associated with love and the fleeting feelings that follow.  

For anyone wavering on that fine line that crosses into “more than just friends” territory, Linying seems to know just how you feel.    

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