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Rising producer and singer-songwriter keshi (Casey Luong) is definitely one artist to keep tabs on this season, especially following the release of his 4-track EP THE REAPER on Nov. 13.

A relatively low-key celebrity in the chill beats community, Luong refrains from being boxed in by lo-fi hip hop standards and explores a more versatile style in his latest project. For the first time, he experiments with a sunnier tune in “2soon” while hitting darker notes in EP opener “the reaper”. His evolution as a self-made musician is evident in the higher quality production and inclusion of intricate sound details–steering away from stereotypical lo-fi clichés. However, he still succeeds in staying true to his acoustic roots by sprinkling catchy guitar riffs throughout his songs and interlacing them with warm and soothing melodies. For instance, “like i need u” is reminiscent of early 2000’s R&B (Nelly and Kelly Rowland’s “Dilemma” comes to mind when bumping this track) and casually references some of his earlier hits like “just friends”. Here, keshi also explores a broader range as a vocalist. In addition to the dreamy falsetto that appears in many of his works, audiences are given a snippet of his smooth singing chops.


keshi – THE REAPER EP cover artwork

All in all, THE REAPER EP paints a vivid picture of heartbreak and loss. And like most tragically alluring works of art, keshi’s music reminds us that there is beauty in pain and a sense of comfort in sadness. It is this striking contrast that sets the mood for all the songs on his EP, and makes keshi such a relatable figure for his fans. Through his thoughtfully penned lyrics, he somehow captures the raw emotions we all know too well, yet can’t find the words to express.

So give the EP a listen— there’s a little something for the angsty romantic in us all.

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