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Kavi pours his heart out on his swirling debut single “That’s A Lie!”


Unrequited love has long been a topic for many love songs. In fact, it’s such a universal feeling that makes it such a great topic for an artist to write about. And if they’re lucky, maybe the subjects of such devotion can come around and see things in a different way. But what if things are more complicated than that? 

Melbourne-based singer Kavi navigates that tricky situation on his banging debut song “That’s a Lie!”. Written about his growing feelings towards his straight best friend, “That’s a Lie!” allows Kavi to truly come to terms with a losing uphill battle with his feelings amidst a soaring pop background. Grounded by fond memories of hanging out with his friend (watching a horror film together in the front row, hanging out together late at night), the Balaram-produced song bursts with equal parts acute tenderness and sadness. 

But it’s in the moments when he’s recounting specific memories about his friend that Kavi’s R&B tinged vocals shine through. Hints of rosy nostalgia spill out as Kavi carefully recounts each one of his treasured memories with his friend. Even the tiniest details about him are on his mind. “Apple juice but cloudy / Isn’t that what you like?” he easily points out. On other lyrics like “I’ll never hear your heart skip a beat for me,” and “You say let’s talk it out / I think I gotta leave this time,” there’s a crushing sadness in his acceptance that his feelings may never be truly reciprocated.

But as a musician who hopes to make “pop music that I can dance and cry to,” Kavi’s deeply personal debut hits all the right marks–even if it does want to make you cry on the dance floor.

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