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Junsei – no clouds in my summer EP


Well, here’s a Valentine’s Day treat for all you lovers out there. Junsei, an enigmatic new musician that our friends at POPeye have been working with, just released a concise three-track R&B project, no clouds in my summer EP.

Junsei – no clouds in my summer EP

Though there isn’t much to go off on about who Junsei is (all of his press images feature a heavily shadowed person whose features are hard to make out), the songs on no clouds in my summer EP really speak for themselves. Marrying chill-hop and electronic beats with R&B, the project spotlights Junsei’s sultry singing voice, as well as featuring a wonderful duet with a kindred voice on “Everyday With U.” The songs here are reminiscent of the types of songs on Galimatias and Alina Baraz’s Urban Flora, and a quick search on Spotify reveals a link to an Alina Baraz cover that Junsei released a few years back. With that as the jumping off point, Junsei’s no clouds in my summer EP will delight any love stricken fan out there celebrating today’s events.

But alongside the sultry project release also comes a music video-short film directed by Mood Infinite and Jason Poon, which was posted on Wong Fu Productions’ YouTube channel. In many ways the short film is the perfect platform for such a release — the channel has recently transitioned into a hotbed for featuring up-and-coming Asian American talent, and there’s a lot to love about the collaboration between the MV directors and Junsei’s blooming tunes.

Junsei. Photo courtesy of POPeye Media.

Centered around an experimental, deconstructed look at a relationship, “No Clouds In My Summer” follows a couple (played by Khoi Le and Lucy Nguyen) whose lives flash back to different points in time as they get to a breaking point. It’s not lost on me that “No Clouds In My Summer” probably takes some inspiration from (500) Days of Summer with its similar narrative structure (the two leads here are also named “Tom” and “Summer,” just saying), but Mood Infinite and Jason Poon do well to turn the concept into their own. Hazy, colorful, and reminiscent, “No Clouds In My Summer” takes Junsei’s beats and gorgeous vocal work and turns them into a nostalgic look at love centered around familiar places around the SGV. The video and music really complement each other well, emphasizing the heightened, bleeding emotions that exist between lovers.

You can watch “No Clouds In My Summer” below. no clouds in the summer EP is now streaming on all platforms.

Junsei Artist Pages: SoundCloud | Spotify

POPEye Media: Website


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