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Joey Maybe’s ‘New Year EP’ is a promising, sleepy debut

Joey Maybe – New Year EP

Manila-based musical freshman Joey Maybe (JM Cabodil) is hopeful. At least, that’s the impression that you get when you listen to the artist’s debut EP, New Year, which was released in March of this year. 

Taking his name from a family nickname (“Joey”) and his self-declared unpredictable style of music (“Maybe”), Cabodil’s first official release is a sleepy and comforting piece of longing. As a first project, Cabodil does well for himself–spinning slow sad songs that retain a glimmer of hope. But while the songs on New Year EP don’t quite live up to the second part of his pseudonym yet (scrappy lo-fi production akin to early beabadoobee or early Rex Orange County emanate from the project, making it somewhat easy to categorize), what can be found on the project is nevertheless sleepily charming. 

Warm and teeming with minimalist production, New Year EP gleams with a flickering hope that floats along with promise. Simple loops glide along to Cabodil’s longing punctuated singing voice (“New Year,” “This Life”). Soft self-harmonies prove that Cabodil is capable of putting together a solid tune as a one-man-band (“All Okay To”). Paired with saccharine lyrics that could bring a smile to your face (“Maybe I could be happy if I could find you around me daily” in “New Year” and “Please let me show the good things / That life has in store for us / “I wrote this song for you” on “You Make Me Feel Great”), the songs on Cabodil’s debut are innocent and blissful–even if it starts to get a bit repetitive production-wise towards the end of the project. 

For a first venture, New Year EP has a slightly more positive outlook that many projects of the sort are lacking (save the overtly sadboi vibes that are present on EP opener “Not Gonna Lie, I’m Tired”). Especially in trying times, New Year EP could be that topical respite that reminds you that hope does exist even in a time when things are going to shit. Maybe we all need a Joey Maybe in our lives, giving us that friendly reminder that things might just be okay.

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