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Isaac Solo takes us back to summertime on the nostalgic “Runaway”

isaac solo runaway
Isaac Solo – “Runaway”

There used to be a time, long ago, when people were able to meet up without fear of catching a deadly virus during the summertime. Crazy, right? For those who have been stuck inside for the past few months, the thought of that is all just a distant memory.

“Runaway,” the latest single from San Francisco-based singer Isaac Solo, painfully reminds us of those carefree, warm summer nights. Fuzzy and downtrodden, “Runaway” is a stylish serenade that asks his listeners to remember steamy feelings through Solo’s own lived experience. “Can we all run away,” he asks. “Take me back to the place where I met you / It was summer in the bay / Get a home, get away, find our way back down from here.” “Runaway” transports you to a memory of a happier, simpler time–back when young romance and hope were still in the air.

Through some clever vocal warping and irresistible R&B beats, Solo’s song etches itself into your memory and takes you on that soaring journey through love–deadly virus be damned.

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