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Introducing… Spotify Genre Playlists


Want to listen to more Asian-American (etc) music but don’t want to follow a blog? We’ve  noticed that most people aren’t really interested in reading about music (survey says: only 20.3% actually do), so we’ve got you covered.

Introducing our Spotify Genre Playlists!

If you’re interested in getting to know more Asian and Asian-American artists, just follow one of our playlists and we’ll do the heavy work for you… by updating them every time an artist we love releases something. Right now we only have three genre playlists–Indie Rock, EDM, Discovery Grab Bag, and EVERYTHING ELSE–but that’ll change once I start to know more people who are more well-versed in other genres (right now it’s just me and one other person running the playlists). Here’s a more detailed rundown on the playlists:

  1. Indie playlist. Examples: Mitski, Japanese Breakfast, Jay Som etc.
  2. EDM playlist. Examples: Manila Killa, Jai Wolf, TOKiMONSTA
  3. Discovery Grab Bag playlist. This is a playlist for ANY Asian or Asian-American (etc) artist from across all genres. The concept for this playlist is to introduce you to new artists–even in genres that you don’t necessarily listen to.
  4. EVERYTHING ELSE playlist. Just a few songs from any musical artists that we’re obsessed with at the moment.

If the embedded Spotify playlists don’t work, click on the hyperlinks to activate the Spotify web browser! Unfortunately Spotify embedding is not working so well right now and I can’t do anything to fix it.

Check ’em out!

Li-Wei Chu


* Also, we’re always looking for new recommendations for who to add to these playlists, so please let us know if you have any suggestions!


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