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Ilja Alexander reaches out to his dream girl on the hopeful “Someday”


Eight years ago, Amsterdam-based alternative-pop musician Ilja Alexander released his debut album, Hold On to Her. A collection of carefully composed orchestral love songs in English, Japanese, and even Indonesian, it was a great showcase for the singer which allowed him to embark on an extensive Asian tour. Though he’s been relatively quiet since then, Alexander is finally back with some new friends, producers (Curtis Richardson and Adien Lewis), and a possible new musical direction.

Ilja Alexander.

Leaning into a more modern, electropop sound, “Someday” topically doesn’t stray too far from the wishfully intimate mood of the songs on his debut album. Here, he’s still pining after a loved one in a way that still feels grandiose and sincere. “Every time the sun goes down / I feel your presence all around / I feel the warmth of your embrace / Gotta find a way,” he sings to a supposed lover.

But whereas his old songs were once accented by sweeping violins (in the style of many Asian pop songs), there’s a thundering flitting beat here that is used to extract heavy emotions within his message. “Someday,” he croons on the chorus. “Someday / I’ll see her and meet her again / I’ll be with her.” These new musical production tricks work great to draw out his sense of longing, and Alexander somehow succeeds in making an electropop song sound heartfelt. 

Somedayis off of Ilja Alexander’s upcoming mini-album, Nature, which is set to be released soon. 

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