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Grazy Grace x Sam Rui – “Forever 21”, “Fake!”, “Last Call”


For all you wonky collaboration lovers, here’s another one to keep on your radar:

Korean-American K-POP idol/rapper Grazy Grace and Singaporean R&B singer Sam Rui have teamed up to create a few songs for an unnamed mixtape, self-releasing them on their personal YouTube and SoundCloud channels. Both artists, who seemingly exist in completely different music scenes, have already proven to be plenty talented on their own. Grazy Grace (Grace Kim 그레이스) was a popular contestant on the Korean rap show Unpretty Rapstar 3, and her own KPOP channel has already released quite a few videos showcasing her many singing/rapping/dancing/vlogging skills–including one very interesting video exposing some of the horrors of working in the KPOP industry. Meanwhile, Sam Rui released her acclaimed debut album Season 2 last June, putting the Singaporean music scene on the map and capturing the attention of other aspiring artists like 88Rising’s NIKI. With such an impressive list of achievements shared between the two of them, Grace x Sam is the star collaboration that we never knew we needed.

So far, the two have released three songs together: “Forever 21”, “Fake!”, and “Last Call”. In proper collaboration fashion, both Grace and Sam experiment with each other’s styles: Grace slows down and tries her hand at singing over an R&B beat, while Sam sings and raps in Korean for the first time. Given that all of these songs are pure passion projects uninfluenced by any label decisions, it’s proof enough that Grace and Sam are artists who love what they do–expanding their musical boundaries and stepping out of their comfort zones into unfamiliar territory for the sake of making great music.

Without anyone to hold them back, songs like “Fake!” are even more playful than usual: “Yeah I faked it all, I faked it all real hard”, the girls sing as they taunt an unnamed ex-lover. “Boy I’m gon level with you / That dick that even that good / 솔직히 말하자면 (To be honest) / When I said I came wasn’t true.” Ouch!

Though their collaboration isn’t completely official in the music industry’s sense of the word, these three fun songs that’ll make you wish that Grace x Sam could keep making music together like this all of the time–honest and off the record.

Grace: Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud

Sam Rui: Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud


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