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Ginger Root – “No Problems”

Ginger Root Cameron Lew
Ginger Root – “No Problems” single artwork.

At this point, the Ginger Root lore has got legs – there’s so much there that there’s even a fandom wiki dedicated to the world that Cameron Lew expertly concocted around his aggressive elevator soul turned city-pop/funk project.

Told through a series of music videos, the story of Ginger Root starts with a singer who is thrust into pop stardom in a fictionalized version of ‘80s Japan, accidentally scores a runaway hit called “Loretta” (a fact mirrored by its real-world popularity), and is forced to play the entertainment industry game of being a star and selling out. In a teaser leading up to his new single, Lew gets ready to pitch a movie rendition of the lowly rated “Loretta” TV show to his manager before he gets “fired” mid-presentation and is kicked out of the company. “No Problems,” Ginger Root’s latest song and accompanying music video, picks up the story from there.

Ginger Root – SHINBANGUMI.
Album art credit: Cameron Lew.

Fresh off of his newly announced album SHINBANGUMI, “No Problems” ironically proves that even if Lew continued to make funky synth-laden jams forever (incidentally the music video shows him leaving his past behind and opening the eponymous Ginger Root Productions on his own), I wouldn’t even be mad. The song naturally gives way to an instantly catchy chorus that feels lived in and accentuated by its jumpy, staccato lyrics (“Ah, how can you say that you’ve got no problems / I can’t be fake, when you’re up and elated”) that don’t feel out of place on his similarly twinkling previous songs. Within the context of his previous EPs like City Slicker EP and Nisemono EP, “No Problems” feels like a highly anticipated third act to Ginger Root’s story.

Much love is also to be had for Ginger Root’s self-directed music video filled with whimsical DIY ethos, gorgeous set design, and expert storytelling. Someone get this man an actual TV show!

SHINBANGUMI is out September 13th on Ghostly International. You can catch Ginger Root on the road this Fall/Winter on his recently announced world tour.

Artist pages: Instagram | Spotify | Website

Header photo by Cameron Lew.


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