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2024 SXSW Field Report Special

From the Intercom’s (Unofficial) Guide to SXSW 2024


Every year we go to SXSW, From the Intercom always puts together a (very) unofficial guide to SXSW to highlight some of what we’re planning to do during the week.

As always, there are always so many things to do that it can get overwhelming. And in my opinion, the best way to tackle the fest and the dozens of unofficial events happening in Austin during the week is to just go with the flow. See something cool happening over yonder that’s not on your schedule? Go ask someone about it. Your friend wants to randomly see a movie you haven’t heard of? Head on over! Someone you’re waiting in line with randomly invites you to a secret house party? Yes, please! (Okay, that last one might be iffy but you get the point.)

But if you’re really looking for something resembling a structure and have absolutely no idea what you want to see… well, maybe this very unofficial guide will help give you a few ideas. This time around, we also decided to put it together in this nifty zine format (Remember our year one zines? Check this out if you don’t!)… just ’cause I felt like it. Our gaming editor, Justin Ricafort, and I will be hanging around a lot of the events that we’ve listed here, and if you come say hi I’ll gladly give you one! Just be sure to do so sooner than later; we only have a few copies ’cause it was expensive to print. We’ll also leave them in random places around the city just for fun too, so please grab one if you see one. -Li-Wei

So without further ado, here’s From the Intercom’s (unofficial) guide to SXSW:


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