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Our First Anniversary Zine is out now!


Happy first anniversary to From the Intercom!!!!

I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year since the website was started… and I can’t believe the amount of friends we made and support that we’ve gotten from the community in that time. When I first started the site, I never thought that people would react to the site the way that they did. Within the year or so we’ve been active, we’ve also hit a few milestones…

To celebrate our site hitting one, I worked with our branding manager, Derrek Chow, to create a zine (that’s a self-published magazine, in other words) showcasing some of our favorite articles of the past year.

They’re now available on our online shop, https://fromtheintercom.bigcartel.com/product/from-the-intercom-zine-vol-1.

The cost of the zine is calculated so that we can break even on the zine’s production costs (unfortunately, we don’t get paid for any articles that we do). We hope you’ll pick up a copy… Derrek and I worked really hard to emulate the style of a proper magazine despite never designing one before. Go easy on us!

Fingerprints Music. Go find us in the book section!

For those in the Los Angeles area, we’ve also stocked a few, limited copies in several storefronts at a discounted price:

As the founder/head editor/writer of From the Intercom, I’d like to thank you for your continual support of the website and great music/films! I’d also like to use this opportunity to mention that we’re always looking for new writers. I never realized just how much great art was out there in the Asian/Anglo-Asian community, and it’s been very, very difficult trying to keep up with all of the releases that we get sent. Any help would be appreciated! That being said, remember that our inbox is always open to your submissions. 🙂

I hope you’ll stay around for the future, and here’s to another great year!

Li-Wei Chu


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